Battle of St. Kitts – Buttrey Page 50

(Immediately after music & drawings of British & French ships lined up in Frigate Bay)

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Buttrey P 46 St Kitts #1

“on the 26th of Junearey 1782) 2 Companeys of the 13th Reg.. t and the 28th Reg.. t was Brought from Antegue to Joyn those troops with the 69th Reg.. t Thay landed in frigat Bay under the Comand of Major Gen..l prescot of the 60th Reg.. t & Major Gen..l Skeen of the 69th Reg.. t We Whear Covred by frigats in our landing likewise the prince Gorg was hunder sail to asist us in Case any patroats should be thear to open on us but thar was None for the french had Disanoid them that war on this part of the Island as soon as we landed we whear Devided in seprat parteys to goo diffrant ways to soround the Enemy that Was formed in a bodey on the side of A hill that was on our left Gen..l Skeen With the 13th Light Comp..y the 28th Gr..s Comp..y & 5 Comp..y of the 69th Reg.. t advanced up the hill to the Enemy whear we fought for hallmoast an hour in wich time sevral was kiled & wounded on boath sides all tho the french was at this time all Moast 5 to ouer 4 but thay on Seeing Sum fue of our armey surounding them thay With all speed Made up the hill from from us we gave them 3 husarres & pursued them as fast as we Could but thay got over the hill & whent into the town of Bafstaro so we saw No Moor of them that Day —-
– Manuscript Page 46


hear is the form of us landing and Ingadgeing on the Island of St kits on the — 28 of Junearey 1782 (With an explanation of the Cat vis

N 1 the town of Bafstaro
2 the french armey
3 the English armey
4 Whear We landed
5 the hill we Retreated on that Night
6 the Bay We Imbarked on the Next Evening
7 the Saltpanso Hill
8 Brimston Hill
9 Prince Gorg
10 the Boats
11 the Frigats
12 our line at Ancor

Drawing of Battle of St. Kitts

Buttrey Manuscript Pages 51 & 52

Fortress of Brimstone Hill on the left, French & English Troops on right

Buttrey Pg 47 & 48 Frigate Bay cropped

2nd Page of Text – Battle of St. Kitts –

Buttrey Manuscript Page 53

Buttrey Pg 49 St Kitts #2

“As I sade we saw no moor of them that Day at Night we whent & lay down under the side of the hill whear we lande at, having A piquit advanced up the valley at 10 O’clock at night our piquit fired sevral times wich alarmed our armey. the piquit Retreated to us who informed us that a great body of the Enemy was Marching to wards us Gen..l Prescot then Marched our small armey up the hill in 2 parteys at 1 O’clock in the Morning we got to the top of the hill & at 5 O’clock we saw About 4000 of the french in valey we had left the night before, thay being in 3 brigades—our armey hear Whear not 900 Rank & file yet the Enemy it’s seems did not chuse to come to whear we Whear they Remained about 2 ouers in the valley when sum of them whent to A plantors hous & we saw them Drive A larg flock of sheep out of is yard & with theair ilgoten pray they all Marched in to the town again so we saw No Moor of them — In the Evning our armey Marched down the hill on the opiset side we Came up on whear the Boats whear redey to Reseave us. We got on board our Respectif ships again at sunset we being no ways able to incounter the numrus armey the french had thear of Wich we had not seen the half it was said that thay had then a far stronger forse besegin of Brimston hill, it being the only fort in the Island in our pofsesion at the time on the 29th Instant the french fleet being in theair usal track that is to say to the Winward of us thay bore down to Ward us with theair usual signals up for ingadging” – Manuscript Pg 49

3rd page of Text – Battle of St. Kitts

Buttrey Manuscript Page 54

Buttrey Pg 50 St Kitts #3

“till they came – all moast with in gun shot of us at wich time thay halled down thear signals but still cept bearing down till theair van ship came operset to adm..l Hood’s ship, who nevour sparing of powder & shot on aney such acount, he let fly sevral brood sides at them. Likewise all the Rest of our ships that Could Reach or get a gun to bear on them suleted them in the like Maner Wither the french whear sparing of theair powder and shot or afrade to fier I Cannot say for thay Bore away with out Retorning one shot – thay kept Crusing of and on all the time we Remaned thear at ancor with out Making the least atempt to ingageing us again we whear hunder sum aprentions that thay inteanded to send fire ships to distroy us by Night for Wich we whear always propared having our boats Redy to ton them of us likewise we had fire booms redy hout evrey Night to fire them of — on the 14th of febuarey the french fleet came to a ancour at Naves being a bout 2 leagus from us & we whear informed the same Evening that Genr..l frasher was a blidged to so Render Brimston hill to the far supearer forse that was a gainst him the Island being know in the posefhion of the french thay being a far supearer forse on boath sides our admiral thought it best to get of Safe if posubal at 8 O’Clock we heave shore & at 11 we all cut our Cables to gather & got to sea fafe & unporseaved by the Enemy —– we all steared to leward of S.. t lusey at wich time we halled ouer wind & stud for antagui we Made S.. t John’s arbouer the 19th in the evning” – Manuscript Page 50

4th Page of Text – Battle of St. Kitts

Buttrey Manuscript Page 55

Buttrey Pg 51 St Kitts Text #4

“the 22th we all sailed from S.. t John’s in antague the 25th we Joyned Sir gorg .. B.. Rodney with 10 Sail from Irland the we all steared for S.. t Luse wich we made the 2nd of March the 16th adm..l hood with is squardren sailed from S.. t Luse & whent on A cruse to the winward of Martinaco the 22nd the rest of the fleet Joyned us hear we crused in seprat squardrons to have the beter look out for the french Convoy that was expected at the that time we Crused hear till the 30th with out sucksef wich day Sir Samenell Hood squardren Came to a ancour in greslot bay A gainst the Next day the Remaindour of the fleet came in the 2nd of aprill the yarmouth & the prince William whent on A cruse between S.. t Luse & Martinaco whear the french fleet then was in fort Royal the 4th the yarmouth being my shore. 3 Neagors Came from shore in a Cannou who ran a way from theair Marsters thay gave hus intillagans that the french fleet was to sail on the Sunday night folowing with all thayr forse to goo a gainst gamaco & that A larg fleet of the shandreens whear to Goyn them theair on Reseaving this nuse we came to S.. t Luce to let Adm..l Rodney now the nuse & other Ships was sent out in our stead to nick thaier coming out on the 8th in the Morning the Croathey 64.. having the look hout for the french fleet Made signal that the french fleet was on thair way from fort Royal. Adm..l Rodney Made signal to Clear ship at put to sea ameadetly wich was dun with all speed when we had all got to sea safe being 36 sail of the line With what sail we could be steared after the Enemy at night we shortned Sail for fear we should sail past them early in the morning on the 9th We whear cloas hup with them thay being hunder the Island of Dominico With a larg fleet of transpoarts loded with troops & Militerey stores theair being but litel wind we whear almoast becalmed the french fleet had the advantidg of a slentour brees thay being in the quning bteen Dominico & Guardlope thay got thair line Compleatly formed wilst our fleet lay becalmed A bout 9 in the Morning sir sameuel hood’s squardren Consisting of 12 sail reched A slender Brees our” – Manuscript Pg 51

5th Page of Text – Battle of St. Kitts

Buttrey Manuscript Page 56

Buttrey Pg 56 5th Pg Text St Kitts

“Brave adm..l imbrased the opertunety & with is littel squardren ingaged the whole french fleet for 5 ouers wilst the rest of our fleet lay becalmed & could not get to our asistans A bout 2 O’Clock in the Evning adm..l Rodney with part of is squardren got up so far as to ingage the french ships that had pased us but when thar van ship Came opiset to adm..l Rodney’s ship thay found so warm a reseption from the Duke formed is bal and Maney Maney others that in 20 Minuets after theas ships opned on them thay halled the wind & stud from us sum of them verey much shatred the Royal okey our Van ship lost her Main topmast sevral others of our squardren Reseaved sum slendour damige but Non so bad but what Could storm the sea N 9 & 10 the french convoy kept fo Cloas to the land that is was out of our pouer to take aney of them & When the brees spring hup they all got of between Dominico & A small Island thay Called the Saints the pafsage being narow thear was warter anuf for them but Men of War Could Not get that way” – Manuscript Pg. 52


Hear is the form that we ingaged in on the 9th of april 1782 With Most of Each fleet Ilands & C.C.

No 1 ouer van ship the Royal Okey 74

2 adm..l Hood’s Ship the Barlouer 90

3 the sternmoast ship of adm..l Hood’s Squardren

4 the first Ship of adm..l Rodney’s squardren the Bedfoard
Comarnded by Comodor aflickt

5..6..& 7 3 of our frigats

 – – – – – – – – – –

No 8 the french van Ship the Le Soverign

9 & 10 the french Convoy

11 Part of Dominico

12 part of guardlope

13 the Island Called the Saints

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

End of Music & Text in this Direction of the Manuscript

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Further Info on Battle of St. Kitts

1) Painting by Thomas Whitcombe

The_battle_of_the_Saints_12_avril_1782 Thomas Whitcombe

“The Battle of the Saintes, 12 April 1782: Surrender of the Ville de Paris” by Thomas Whitcombe
Painted 1783 – Public Domain – 
Hood‘s HMS Barfleur, centre, attacking the French flagship Ville de Paris, right.

2) Bataille_de_Saint_Kitts_janvier_1782 by Thomas Maynard
“Repulse of the French in Frigate Bay, St Kitts, 26 January 1782”
oil on canvas by Thomas Maynard
Public Domain – Created Dec 31, 1782 – Battle of St. Kitts between the wings of the comte de Grasse and Hood in January 1782. (West Indies)

3) Map of Caribbean (Google)
Map of Caribbean

(the Saintes is a group of islands between Guadeloupe and Dominica)

4) Wikipedia

  1. Battle of St. Kitts
  2. George Brydges Rodney
    “He is best known for his commands in the American War of Independence, particularly his victory over the French at the Battle of the Saintes in 1782. It is often claimed that he was the commander to have pioneered the tactic of “breaking the line”.
  3. Admiral Samuel Hood
    “The Admiralty, anxious to secure the services of trustworthy flag officers, promoted Hood to rear-admiral on 26 September 1780,[5] and sent him to the West Indies to act as second in command under Rodney, who knew him personally. He joined Rodney in January 1781 in his flagship Barfleur, and remained in the West Indies or on the coast of North America until the close of the American Revolutionary War.”
  4. St. Domingo became Haiti.