The Buttrey Manuscript contains several pieces of text:

All text was transcribed by the owner, Sandra Cameron, in 1972 and 2017, as best she could. All of the original author’s spellings are retained.

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Battle of St. Kitts

(St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Jamaica)

Buttrey P 46 St Kitts #1

“on the 26th of Junearey 1782)  2 Companeys of the 13th Reg.. t and the 28th Reg.. t was Brought from Antegue to Joyn those troops with the 69th Reg.. t Thay landed in frigat Bay under the Comand of Major Gen..l prescot of the 60th Reg.. t  & Major Gen..l Skeen of the 69th Reg.. t We Whear Covred by frigats in our landing likewise the prince Gorg was hunder sail to asist us in Case any patroats should be thear to open on us but thar was None for the french had Disanoid them that war on this part of the Island …”

– Manuscript Pg 46.

Buttrey Version of “A Jolly Sailor”

Buttrey Pg 33 Jolly Sailor Song Text

“A Joly Brisk tar but a litel wile since as drunk as A Beger as Bold as A prince fel foul of an Hail Hous and thought it a sin to pafs Without Calling so Roring Whent in

Chorus:  Derry Down Down Down, Derey Down

He had scarsley sat down When the lanlord Pased by
With sum puding and Beef Wich atracted jack’s ey
from the Masthed a sail, jack lept from his plase
and grasped is Cudgel & gave signal for Chase

The Battle of the Nile

Buttrey Pg 3 Mouth of Nile
“A view of the Mouth of the River Nile and part of General Boneypart’s fleet the time he landed on that Country With the batreys  that he made on the shore of Egypt and likewise a Batrey of Mortars on Bequire Island.”

– Manuscript Pg. 3