A View of the Mouth of the River Nile – 1798

Buttrey Pg 3 Mouth of Nile

Text says:  “A view of the Mouth of the River Nile and part of General Boneypart’s fleet the time he landed on that Country With the batreys  that he made on the shore of Egypt and likewise a Batrey of Mortars on Bequire Island.”


Further Information on Battle of the Nile

The Battle of the Nile had several important effects. It isolated Napoleon’s army in Egypt, thus ensuring its ultimate disintegration. It ensured that in due time Malta would be retaken from the French, and it both heightened British prestige and secured British control of the Mediterranean.

1) Battle of the Nile (also known as the Battle of Aboukir Bay)

2) Thesis “Admiral Nelson Image and Icon” – Marianne Czisnik – Univ. of Edinburgh, mentions this battle and Bequire:
“After a long chase Nelson had finally found the French fleet on 1 August 1798 in Aboukir Bay at the mouth of the Nile, where it had anchored in a supposedly secure position, while a French army under Bonaparte had started to conquer Egypt. Nelson had immediately attacked with thirteen of his fourteen (one having run aground before entering the battle) ships-of-the-line and had taken or sunk most of the thirteen French ships-of-0the-line, allowing only two to escape.”   – p. 6 & 7

“Another printer ran off two prints, one being a plan of the battle showing the whole ‘Bay of Bequire [Aboukir]’, the other showing Nelson on the deck of his ship, depicted in a naïve style.”  – p. 17

3) Abukir Bay or Aboukir Bay

4) Google Map – Bay of Abu Qir, Egypt
Bay of Abu Qir - Egypt

5) Painting by Thomas Luny

Battle_of_the_Nile -Thomas_Luny,Battle of the Nile
Thomas Luny, 1830