This is the exterior of the leather bound Buttrey Manuscript. Over the leather cover is a thin, protective, oiled, leather wrapper. This is the original end of the manuscript, starting with Tune #1. The photo is taken from the side so the pages show a little.

Buttrey MS Closed from the Side

This is the inside front cover of the Buttrey Manuscript, the protective leather wrap clearly visible, along with Tunes #1 to #6. Blue splotchy paper was glued to the inside of the cover. (Since 2 pieces of splotchy paper are found at the other end of the manuscript, it is likely that the first loose page of splotchy paper with the title of the manuscript is probably missing from this end.)

The writing on the leather protective wrap says, “i wish you would hold your bother“. Transcribed by Eamonn O’Keeffe. He says it means to “hold your tongue” or “shut up”. Now don’t you wish you knew what that was all about?

Buttrey MS Open First Page

This is the exterior of the original end of Buttrey manuscript, as it would be held when being opened at Tune #1.

Buttrey MS Front Cover Exterior