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John Buttrey’s Sketches

Buttrrey Pg 1 Sketches

Page 1 – Sailor: “Stop my … here is a purse of gold for you only give me one Night’s lodgings With you.

Lady: “Kiss My Sunday pocket you tarey harsed Buger   A soldier for me” 

At the bottom:  Sketch of Drum Major 34th Regiment

Ship and Lists – Page 2

Buttrey Pg 2 Ship & listsButtrey Pg 2 Ship Lists

Lines of Frigates, Men of War, Brigs of War and Sloops Culteurs

Mouth of the River Nile – Page 3

Buttrey Pg 3 Mouth of Nile

Text says: “A view of the Mouth of the River Nile and part of General Boneypart’s fleet the time he landed on that Country With the batreys that he made on the shore of Egypt and likewise a Batrey of Mortars on Bequire Island.” (This would have been 1783)

Hunters & Dogs – Page 28

Buttrey Pg 28 Hunters & Dog

Drawing of 2 hunters and dogs. The tune at the top is “The Poor Little Sweep”.

Highland Officer – Page 30

Buttrey Pg 30 Soldier

Drawing of a Highland Officer, perhaps of the 91st or 93rd Regiments.

Playing Cards – Pages 33 & 34

Buttrey Pg 33-34 Cards

Royal Standard – Page 35

Butrey Pg 35 Royal Standard

The Royal Standard of England

Flags of the World – Page 36

Buttrey Pg 36 Flags

Words under each flag:

First Row: “English Instant Flag, French, Dutch, Spanish, Dains, Sweeds, Finanays, Hamborugh, Resea, Poeartuges, the Royal Compy Flag, Moors, Americkynes”

Second Row: “Union Jack, the kings Color for H.M. 34th Regt, the Regmental Color for H.M. 34th Regt

Melodies & Ships – Page 38

Buttrey Pg 38 Start of Music & Ships St. Kitts

First page of ships within tunes with short text:
time the Ingagement First began on our Coming to A Ancor With Boath Lines of Battle – the Ships Names and Rates for the Firs Day and Twise the Next – …”

Tunes “The Sark” and “Nacey Vorneen” (?)

Eleven Pages of Music w. British & French Ships – Pg 45 & 46

Buttrey Pg 45-46 Music & Ships

British Ships on top; French Ships below

Battle of St. Kitts – 1782 – Pg 50 & 51

Buttrey Pg 51 & 52 Frigate Bay
Brimston Hill, St. Kitts – French & English Troops

Delivery Instructions & Two Melodies

Buttrey Pg 32 Evnig Star & Hanah Fowler

Text: “For Hanah Fowler to be left at Wm Chapmans  kirkstead  Near Tattershall  LIncolnshire at Mr Clark’s Langon Mill near Horncastel”

Melodies for “The Evnig Star” and “Swansea Hornepipe

Buttrey Manuscript Cover

Buttrey MS Closed from the Side

Buttrey MS Open First Page