Birth 1784

John Buttrey was born Feb 1, 1784 in the Parish of St.Buttolph (Botolphs) in Lincolnshire, England.

Recruitment 1797

(from Pam Buttrey, Guild of One Name Studies, U.K. and Norman (Lionel) Buttery)

“John Buttrey was recruited from a poor house in Lincolnshire in 1797 into one of the so-called “Boy Regiments” – one of three Regiments ordered to fill their ranks to 1000 by recruiting boys from poor houses. He was born in Scothern, about 6 miles from Lincoln, so he may have come from the Lincoln poor house.”

(From the 34th Regiment Website)

“In 1797 the 34th along with the 22nd and 65th were ordered to recruit boys between the ages of 12 and 15 from the poorhouses. The rendezvous for these boys was Lincoln.”

Marriage 1799

John Buttrey married Ann Maplestone on September 8, 1799 in St.Buttolph in Lincolnshire, England. He was 15 years old and a soldier in the 34th regiment of foot.

Marriage Certificate from Lionel Buttery:

ON the eighth Day of September in the Year of our Lo4rd 1799
Appeared perfonally John Buttrey of the Parifh of Buttolph in the City of Lincoln
A Bachelor aged fifteen Years, and alleged that he intendeth to marry with Ann Maplestone of the Parifh of Ph Peter of Gowts in the City of Lincoln Spinster aged above fourteen Years, and that he knoweth of no lawful Let or Impediment, by Reafon of any Pre-contract, Confanguinity, Affinity, or any other lawful Means whatfoever, but that they may be lawfully married together; and prayed Licence to folemnize fuch Marriage in the Parifh Church of Ph Buttolph.
Which Parifh of Ph Buttolph hath been the Place of Abode of the faid John Buttery for the Space of four Weeks laft paft, of the Truth of which he made Oath.
John Buttrey
Sworn before Me,
Fr. Iwan (?)
At the same time appeared personally John Buttrey the Father of the aforesaid John Buttrey  & James Maplestone Father of aforesaid Ann Maplestone & did give their Cons

To South Africa Feb 1800

(From the 34th Regiment Website)

“The three regiments then went to Capetown in South Africa where the Third Kaffir War was in progress. The Boy Regiments, as they were called, arrived in May 1800 and disembarked in a dreadful state, unable to carry their muskets. The 81st and 91st regiments were already there, with some of the 8th Light Dragoons. Soldiers drawn from all these units were selected for a mounted infantry company. They were involved in patrols and constant skirmishes with the Xhosas and Hottentots. In accordance with the Treaty of Amiens of 1803, the Cape was handed back to the Dutch and the troops withdrawn. The Dutch concluded peace with the Xhosas. The British had lost 27 killed and 10 other deaths.”

Military Notes South Africa

(Summary of Notes from Pam Buttrey and Norman (Lionel) Buttery)

1799 Lincoln 34th  1st Battalion   Capt. Fenwicks – Drummer
1800 Feb Lincoln Left with 2nd Division, Boarded Triton March 5 to Simons Town, Cape of  Good Hope
1800 May-Dec South Aftrica Sick at Wynberg, then Simons Town, Regt Hospital
1801 All Year South Africa Sick in Musinberg Hospital, Cape of Good Hope
1802 All Year Cape of Good Hope In hospital

South Africa to India 1802

(From the 34th Regiment Website)

“After leaving South Africa in 1802 they went to Madras for garrison duty. There was little for them to do at first but in 1814 they were sent to fight the Mahrattas.”

Military Notes India

(Summary of Notes from Pam Buttrey and Norman (Lionel) Buttery)

Dec-Apr 15 1802 – 1803 India Fort St. George, Madras, India (British Fortress)
1803 Apr – Sept India On Duty
1803 Sept-Oct India Sick in hospital
1803 June – Dec India Dr.   (assumed to mean Drummer)
1804 Jan – Jun India Pr.
1804 Jun – Dec India Drummer – Sick in hosp
1804 Jan – Jun India Wollajahabad or Madras, India
1805 Jan – May India Wollajahabad or Madras, India – Drummer
1805 May-June India On Command at Vellore, India
1805 July – Dec India Invalided
1806 Jan – Dec India On command at Bellary then on duty
1807 Jan – April India On duty or fifes
1807 May India Sick in hospital
1807 July – Dec India On duty
1812 Jan – Dec India Drummer, Sekunderabad, Madras, India
1812 Aug-Sept Morllcott Hospital

Royal Veterans Battalion 1812

1812 Sept-Dec England Royal Veterans Battalion, Landguard Fort, England – furlough at Lincoln
1813 Jan-Jun Holland Willemstad, Holland
1813 Jun 8 – 1813 July England Languard Fort, Harwich, England
1813 July England Chelsea in Quarters
1814 July 12 England Disbanded at Landguard Fort, England,  marched back to Lincoln arriving there July 28, 1814,
1 Wife, 1 child in Lincoln
1814 July 28 England Lincoln with wife & 1 child

Second Marriage 1816

John Buttrey married Mary Ann Talkes on Nov 25, 1816 in St. Botolphs, Lincoln, England. They had 11 children, most of whom stayed in England.

Marriage Certificate from Eamonn O’Keeffe

John Buttrey of the Parish of St Peter at Gowts, next adjoining
And Mary-Ann Talks of the Parish of St Peter at Gowts, next adjoining
Were married in this Church by on the twenty-five day of November in the Year One thoufand eight hundred and sixteen
By me George Probendary

St. Peter At Gowts Census 1841

Town of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England (PDF)

From Eamonn O’Keeffe  (transcription S. Cameron)

John Buttery   Age 55   Army Pen
Mary Age 45 (f)
Francis 20 (m) Tanner’s Ap.
Thomas 15 (m) Shoe-m Ap.
Frances 15 (f)
Rachel 14 (f) Dress-m
George 12 (m)
Frederick 7 (m)
Mary Ann 5 (f)

(From Pam Buttrey & Lionel Buttery)

“1841 living at Pennels Nursery, High Street, Lincoln. Army Pensioner with wife Mary and children … Eldest son William (25) married Sarah Hallowfield and living at 4 James St. with son John 6 months”

Emigrated to Montreal, Canada 1849

From Eamonn O’Keeffe  (PDF)   (transcription S. Cameron)

MONTHLY RETURN of Changes which have taken place among the Out-Pensioners of Chelsea Hospital, in the Lincoln District, from the 1st April to the 30th April 1849, inclusive
Reg.    1 Vetrans
Rate of Pension     11
Date of Admission in Out-Pension   July 29, 1814
Rank    Dr
Name    John Buttrey
District to which transferred   Montreal
Date in which Pensioner was paid previous to transference   30th June 1849
Remarks stating whether the Pensioner is permanent or temporary   Perm’t

(ed. Two of John Buttrey’s children, Francis and Mary, are known to have emigrated to Canada, via New York City, with John and Mary in April 1849. Chelsea hospital was an  institution that administered army pensions. )

Death of John Buttrey 1854

1854 TNA War Office 23-27

From Eamonn O’Keeffe (PDF)  (transcription S. Cameron)

Name:  John Buttrey
Rate   SO (?)
Date of Admission  29 July 14
Residence  Lincoln
1843 Check Mark
1848 at his own expense in Lincolnshire
1849 Montreal
1854 Toronto died 15 January

Eamonn O’Keeffe –> “Note that he may not have been living in Toronto proper at his death; these registers list only the county town or primary settlement of the district from which the pension payments were disbursed, not a pensioner’s precise place of residence.”

Necropolis Cemetery, Toronto 1856

John Buttrey - Potters Field to Necropolis Cemetery cropJohn Buttrey was originally buried on January 17, 1854 in Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, known also as Potter’s Field. He was moved to Necropolis Cemetery in a section designated “The Resting Place of Pioneers” in 1856, to a plot owned by his wife, Mary Ann Talkes (Lot 32 Section D).

District 46 West Toronto Census 1871

 St. John’s Ward, Ontario, Canada – John Buttrey’s 2nd Son Francis

From Ken Purvis  (PDF)  (transcription S. Cameron)

284  297 Buttery Francis (M) Age 50  Country at Birth  England
Religion  P Meth   Origin  English    Tanner
Sarah A (F) Age 40            “          “
Alfred J (M) Age 17           “           “   Trade Plasterer

Alfred Buttrey married Jane Fife (granddaughter of David Fife of Red Fife wheat fame) and worked at McLaughlin’s Wagon Works in Oshawa. He died Dec 25, 1923 and was buried in St. John’s Norway Cemetery, Toronto, ON Plot 18.13.8 – 2nd South. His daughter, Beatrice Buttrey was buried in 1951 in the same plot, with Alfred and his wife, Jane.

Alfred Buttrey passed the Buttrey MS on to his daughter Beatrice Buttrey McFarline who gave it to her great-niece Gladys Buttrey McFarline Cameron who gave it to her daughter Sandra Cameron who in July 2019 donated it to Fort York (c/o the City of Toronto) whose staff have used and loved the manuscript extensively.

Gordon Greenshields Beatrice McFarline Alfred Buttrey

Gordon Greenshields – Beatrice Buttrey McFarline – Alfred Buttrey

Oshawa Gower Census 1881

132 Ontario South, Canada

From Ken Purvis  (PDF)  (transcription S. Cameron)

294  295  Buttery, Francis  (M)  Age 60
Born England  Religion  Bible Christian  Origin  English  Trade Woodworker
Sarah Ann  (F) Age 49        “       “

Alfred married Jane Fife on Sept 13, 1873 so he would no longer have been living with his parent, Francis and Sarah, in 1881.

Town of Oshawa Census 1891

(PDF)  (transcription S. Cameron)

Buttery Frederick (M) Age 35     Place of Birth  Ont   Religion  CE   Trade  Labourer
Jane         (F)   Age 34      Place of Birth  Ont   Religion  CE
Etta          (F)   Age 15      Place of Birth  Ont   Religion  CE
Maud       (F)   Age 13      Place of Birth  Ont   Religion  CE
May          (F)   Age 12      Place of Birth  Ont   Religion  CE
Ida Beatrice (F) Age 9     Place of Birth  Ont   Religion  CE
Wm Garfield (M) Age  7 Place of Birth  Ont   Religion  CE